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Delta LED Drivers

AC/DC LED Drivers

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MOSO Power

AC/DC LED Drivers

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AC/DC LED Driver, EM Driver, Flex Tape modules, COB’s

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iCLed, Automotive LED, Smart lighting, Security Lighting

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Prolight Opto

LED for Architecture, General, Automotive, Horticulture, UV, IR, and Mini LED

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Edison Opto

LED modules, LED for stage, Horticulture, UV, and IR

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Istar Technology

AC/DC LED Drivers and Controls

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Jaro Thermal

Fans, Blowers and heatsink (we will do custom solutions)

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American Opto

Capacitive touch display, Automotive, RGW w/IC, Ultra thin SMD, High & Mid-power LEDs

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Weled Power

AC/DC LED Drivers and emergency drivers

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Souop Power

Portable Power Generators

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As a manufacture and design company we can create to our client’s desire regardless of the application and market they serve. However, our experience in lighting has driven us to create standardize products for speed to market and volume pricing. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) continue to advance, and we are advancing with them by supporting great manufactures in Level 1 package and L2 module design and manufacturing. Allow us to show you what the future holds in lighting.

15 years of electronical component experience has driven our company to become a known asset as a manufacturer’s representative, who listens to customers and takes their needs and wants into consideration when supporting them. We offer great technical support in the selection and development of standard or customized components and power supplies.

Electric vehicles continue to gain momentum as fossil fuels increase in cost and demand on consumers to be more conscious of our environment. We have worked with several companies on the development and deployment of home and commercial vehicle charging options. Contact us for if you have any questions, you may have or order our home charger from our online store.

Have you ever had your power go out and you wished you had a generator to keep a few things going? Thomas Technologies has partnered with Souop Power to distribute their new 600-, 1100-, 1800-watt and 2400-watt lithium-ion portable solar rechargeable generator. These are great for around the house when power goes out or when heading outdoors for fun activities.


Are you interested in UVC or Far-UV? We are working with top LED manufacturers and quality excimer lamp (222nm) manufacturers from Asia. Allow us the opportunity to create and show what the market has to offer in this growing technology field. Let’s work together to make people safe.

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